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Green Innovations USA, is involved in developing and patenting, cutting edge green technologies, to be manufactured and commercialized in the USA and globally. The company intends to setup micro process and power plants, 20 MW and under, for renewable commercial power production and related commodity byproducts including remediation of various waste streams, liquid or solid. Company can take almost any (except nuclear) waste stream, process it and produce net energy, refined carbon, glass melt and synthetic gas (refined H2) as a byproduct, 99% emissions free.


Energy prices are rising at an alarming pace with no end in sight. We have a very unique solution that addresses both high energy costs and effective waste remediation. We have developed a unique solution to this problem using innovative technology backed by demonstrated science and practical engineering. We represent a paradigm shift from the current practice of disposing waste. Through our Plasma disposal solution, the majority of waste will be converted to reusable products through thermal decomposition in a controlled atmosphere so that no gases or fumes may escape. Our Plasma technologies are powered primarily from the energy they develop in the process of producing highly valuable and readily marketable byproducts.

CleanTech Energy

The energy produced through Plasma is safe, clean, affordable and renewable.  We can safely transform any type of waste streams into usable raw materials and clean energy. The global waste output has not been quantified. The US alone produces over 250 million tons of waste per year. Hence, the global output can be safely estimated to be several trillion tons. The market is wide open and our technology is well positioned to capture market share.


The technology involves several patents already filed and several more, in process. A patent application for the base plasma energy technology was applied for in 2004 with the US Patent Office. The patent was awarded and became public in mid-2012. This patent covers the basic formation of the plasma enabling the broadest scope of protection for all applications. The application has been extended over the years to delay public disclosure.

Industry Transformation

Waste remediation industry is going through a transformation very similar to the micro computer revolution that happened 20 years ago. Processing plants are becoming smaller, mobile, versatile, scalable and much more economically viable. Therefore, it is an ideal investment for those who can see the long- term global potential in this technology and markets.