How do we create Wealth, while cleaning up the Planet?

You are invited to be among a group of distinguished pioneers to participate in a unique adventure. We believe our evidence based approach to solving global challenges will inspire you to join us in our quest to do great things for the planet. We invite you to join the CleanTech energy revolution and let your voice be heard.

Why Renewable Energy? The development of renewable energy is a challenge, an environmental necessity and a core aim of global energy policies. Few dispute the fact that future energy sources and their means of production must be cleaner, cheaper, more efficient and sustainable.

Another similar global challenge we face is the waste remediation (how waste-streams are managed, disposed of, and/or remediated). The responsible and effective models to address waste remediation today are capital intensive, inefficient, and polluting. Green Innovations USA (GIIG™) believes that the solution must resolve not only the disposal of waste with no adverse environmental impact, but also achieve this in a way that is economically viable and embraced globally. This will be our key focus in turning “waste to energy”, specifically electricity.

GIIG™ has developed a Plasma Conversion System that converts waste into reusable products through thermal decomposition. Our solution is the result of years of innovation by a team of recognized scientists and engineers followed by extensive testing and patenting. It is a self-sustaining micro-power solution that generates power in a controlled environment, by using either liquid or solid waste as its fuel source. Plasma Conversion Systems can safely, efficiently and economically disintegrate waste, no matter what form, (either hazardous or non-hazardous) into its elemental form and turns the waste into useful and valuable by-products, with absolutely no burning involved. The primary output of the Plasma Converter is synthetic gas (that is H2 rich) that can be used as a fuel to produce clean energy, in whatever form, depending on the requirement.

According to the Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEEI), the advanced (clean) energy market globally is over $1.1 trillion, and it is estimated to have grown by 19% in 2012. This makes the advanced energy market larger than the global pharmaceutical manufacturing, or the international trucking sectors. With its growth in 2012, the U.S. now sees revenues of $157 billion from the CleanTech advanced energy sector.

Our evidence based technology was invented and patented in the US and is manufactured in the US, for global applications. It will not only create long-term technology, manufacturing and engineering jobs, but we will open up new global markets that are yet to be harnessed.

We invite you to join and participate in the “new energy revolution” which is very similar to the microcomputer revolution that happened 20 years ago. The energy industry is experiencing the same transformation that we experienced with personal computers. The global energy production is heading towards micro production plants where production happens closer to the consumption at smaller quantities. The opportunity, the market, the industry and technology are unparalleled and we welcome you to join us and learn more about Green Innovations USA (GIIG™, GIIGlobal™  and GIIGTech™ ) and help us provide the world with a technology, that resolves not only the disposal of waste with no adverse environmental impact, but also achieves this in a way that is decentralized, sustainable and truly economically viable.

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We welcome you to learn more about us and understanding how you can be a part of this unique and exciting adventure.

And it is from that perspective that all of us here at GIIG™ want to say a resounding “thank you” for allowing us to present this wonderful opportunity for your consideration.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others” Cicero, 56BC