We have developed a unique solution using innovative technology backed by demonstrated science and practical engineering. We represent a paradigm shift from the current practice of disposing waste. Through our solution, the majority of waste will be converted to reusable products through thermal decomposition in a controlled atmosphere so that no gases or fumes may escape.

Our technologies are powered primarily from the energy they develop in the process of producing highly valuable and readily marketable off-take intermediates and byproducts.

We intend to setup micro-power plants (20MW and under) strategically located close to waste remediation sites or collection sites. We will utilize these waste streams as fuel, use the byproducts as an additional source of revenue, and produce net energy which is 99% emissions free.

The Plasma Converter

The core technology of the Plasma Converter involves the conversion of raw materials into electricity. The heart of the invention is a plasma convertor apparatus with an associated high energy power supply. The convertor is a proprietary design that not only converts electrical power to plasma but also contains it safely while accurately controlling the plasma energy area. Even at the extremely high temperatures generated, objects just centimeters away from the convertor are kept cool.

The advantages of the Plasma Converter

• Hotter than a plasma torch

• Creates a broad plasma area ideal for many applications

• No CO2 emissions

• Scalable

• Low capital and operating expenses

• Low surrounding operating temperatures

• Operation at normal atmospheric pressure

• No moving components

• Valuable bi-products produced

• Seawater, brackish water, minerals and waste as fuel

• Low cost power production